In collaboration with Sony CSL, Rome, Filippo Gregoretti’s installation and performance, Timelessness, will premiere at ISEA2024 in Brisbane, Australia, from June 23 to June 29, 2024.

Based on Amrita, the AI or “Artificial Artistic Evolving Personality,”  created by the artist in the course of the last two decades, “Timelessness” is a living, impermanent art piece that develops a unique personality designed to create unseen, unrepeatable visuals and music for a thousand years. An entity capable of learning from its environment and of developing its taste over time—expanding its creative process both visually and aurally – inspired by geoscientific readings sampled in real-time from Australian Aboriginal sacred sites.

Timelessness is visually inspired by impressions of native symbology, together with original drawings, artworks, sketches, and nature-inspired images. Reinterpreted by the evolutionary AI, the visuals will lead through an unpredictable flow of ever changing colors and images, accompanied by evolving music generated in real-time inspired by original scores and harmonies and by the harmonic imprint of traditional Australian instruments. By capturing the surrounding area using cameras and microphones, the observers also have an impact on the evolution of the artificial organism. This engages the audience in a quantum-like mantra of communal creation and growth.

The audio-visual symphony generated by the Timelessness installation encourages introspection while immersed in the harmony of the natural, algorithmic, and human essences. 

During the performance, the human performer plays the harmonium duetting with the AI, influencing each other through harmonies and music while practicing a form of spiritual union with the algorithm that the artist refers to as “Trans-human Yoga.”

The contrast between the evolving, immortal entity and the fragility of the hardware shell where it resides, encourages awareness towards impermanence and underlines the connection between eternity and the illusory, momentary phenomenon of the physical form.