Ad Vitam is the first piece of art to ever be made available as a store application.

It features a distinct, living AI that creates an original audio-visual art stream.

Each time the application is launched, Amrita (a living, evolving artificial intelligence) is born on your device, generating the Ad Vitam experience.

Your individual, distinctive artificial artist will produce a one-time stream of audio-visual works that won’t be repeated.

Only 20 minutes a day can be spent with Ad Vitam on your device. It will pass away once the allotted time has passed, just like everything it produced.

Ad Vitam is an art form in and of itself, as well as a software program, distributed as an application. It is the first of its kind.

The artist wants to investigate the limitless expressive options provided by producing applications as artworks.
This is the first experiment in that direction.

The artist also explores the concept of artwork as a living form, with its own will, personality, taste, and evolution.
The inherent impermanence of a frail, digital artistic being seeks to arouse an inner connection with the timeless, ancestral concept of impermanence.

How to evoke Ad Vitam on your device (smartphone or tablet)


On iOS devices (iPad and iPhone) just follow the Apple App Store link:

Google Android

On an Android device (smartphone o tablet) just install from this link:

In order to install directly on an Android device, apps from unknown sources have to be enabled. If you need to enable on your device just follow the instructions from this link: